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Consumer disconnect

I've been flat out for the past few months watering, watering and watering! We are so very thankful to have enough and our heart continually goes out to those who are still in terrible drought conditions and flood conditions - Australia is definitely the land of the resilient!

My last Post was about the Strawberry issue and I expect most of us thought that was a new low in Agriculture! How wrong were we?

So, let's explore where the rise in activism has come from and how do we as individual food producer's combat it. Without a doubt we've been complacent in understanding what Consumers are thinking. Pressures on staffing, productivity and just simply making a profit inevitably leads to an insular approach. Add to this the decline in Regional population and ever increasing demands on our time and here we are! There is an argument that it is not the individual producer's role to undertake this role, but the plethora of industry bodies that we all pay levies and charges to. How do we therefore as individuals make a difference?

Faced with the as we'll call it now 'cash for cruelty' images which affected a greater proportion of sheep producer's in Western Australia, the WA Farmers Federation held a Lambex Conference and looked at how other Countries manage the increased attention on Agriculture. Many Countries now have a central organisation that undertake the role of education and research, ensuring information is readily available and responses to incidents are swift and effective. Every speaker on the plight of Agriculture has reinforced the need for an organisation to take on the role of educating the Consumer. So, how do we do it? That's been my question to many in the Industry over the past few months. Coming from a background in Business and Regional development, the overall project is relatively easy, looking at the Agriculture sector, it is very difficult. The first question is, who is the leading organisation in Agriculture? Is it actually the role of Government to ensure our story is told? Is it actually a national security threat? The second question then is, who takes the lead role in developing this organisation? Then the inevitable question, how much is it going to cost and who's going to pay for it??

I'm interested to hear your views on this and would love for you to email me

Together we can do this :-)



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