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Food Online Australia is an exciting new, low cost directory developed by a Producer, for Producers to bring often hard to find information on all facets of food production together in one place, creating increased sales and highlighting opportunities for development and investment.

Several things occurred at the same time leading to Food Online Australia being developed.

Having worked in business and regional development and helping others investigate their business ideas and then developing a value added food product myself, I realised there were thousands of others trying to do what I was doing and find ways to develop their ideas and get people to buy their products.

The second thing was watching Landline and seeing a couple of stories on food seconds and waste and the opportunities that abounded.

Food Online Australia was born.

Develop relationships

It will allow people to search for a particular product and direct traffic to your website. It will also provide a platform to advertise seconds for a particular area and provide information for innovation and development of new and exciting products and services.

We have seen many regional areas suffer population decline and this mechanism will stimulate investment back into those areas.

We often look to Government to solve our problems, but this is an opportunity for the Ag sector to come together, share information and connect, highlight opportunities and create new ventures, attract investment and growth; and most importantly breathe much needed vitality back into regional areas.



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